The State Department of Puerto Rico has the responsibility to promote cultural, political and economic relations between Puerto Rico and foreign countries (1). Moreover, it is the public policy of the Commonwealth to promote economic development of the country through the strengthening of relations with governmental structures of the international community, especially, the Caribbean and Latin American community, among these, Dominican Republic, Panama, Peru and Colombia. (2)

As part of the Plan for Foreign Policy (3), the State Department aims to further strengthen foreign relations, particularly, through the creation of economic opportunities abroad to promote the economic development of the island. It is why the Department has taken on the task of creating a Guide that serves as a practical instrument for every company or individual who wants to take their products or services abroad.

The guide attempts to complement and synthesize multiple sources of information, in order to facilitate the search for basic information prior to the export management. As an instrument for quick search, the information provided is supplemented with guides from other agencies, such as those published by the Trade and Export Company (Compañía de Comercio y Exportación). The information is intended to be a uniform summary of services and resources provided by government agencies dedicated to economic development of the country.

Throughout this document you will find a summary of the main sources of information for the export process. The same provides basic information on some pre-export considerations, as would be the legal structure and other state requirements. In addition, it is presented a summary of the particular requirements for export and incentives offered by the Government of Puerto Rico for this type of activity.


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Aprobado por la Comisión Estatal de Elecciones - CEE-SA-16-3903